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Choosing a Color Palette for the Hallway

A Pleasing Color Palette for the Vestibule

I finally settled on a color palette for the hallway—I can celebrate! This means, in short, that the hallway will be liberated from the garish mustard and ketchup color scheme that existed there for too many years. I opted for bright, airy colors that will open up the space and emphasize the height of the ceilings. This will give the illusion of a larger and fresher vestibule and hallway, in stark contrast to the harsh and heavy colors that exist now.

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Planning the Vestibule Renovation

The best way to conquer the hallway renovation project is to attack it in stages. There are several areas that must be addressed, including the vestibule, the hallway, the stairs, the floors, the lighting, and the color palette. Each of these can be considered a stage where I focus on that item alone, taking a modular approach where I finish one aspect before moving on to the next logical aspect.

I’ve decided to tackle the vestibule renovation first because it will give me immediate satisfaction and motivate me to tackle the rest of the renovation project. Frankly, the vestibule appears to be the easiest part of this project and it would be ideal if I finished it before winter arrives (working in the winter would make mudding, taping, and painting especially difficult).

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Free Enterprise at Home Depot

Home Depot

Home Depot, often ridiculed for their consumer-first approach to merchandise, is a godsend for neophytes and DIYers who desire the hand-holding from the men (and women) in orange. It’s also a haven for day laborers, handymen looking for work, and man-with-a-van-types who want to transport your 2x4s and drywall for you. For a price.

What price? Whatever they charge.

There’s no union; no esteemed order of gofers; no decision-making body that regulates rates, hours, and codes of ethics. Each person decides what they will charge you for what they’re offering.

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White is…White…Right?

It’s time for painting again—the tenant on the top floor moved out and my plan is to get the apartment back on the market quickly. New York real estate is a hot commodity and it’s best to strike while the iron is hot. I did a complete reno on this apartment two years ago so it’s still in excellent condition. There’s no major renovation necessary; only patching nail holes (the tenant didn’t use drywall anchors), cleaning fingerprints and grease marks off the paint, and scrubbing the appliances to their original stainless steel glory (doesn’t anyone clean up after themselves anymore?).

Laying it On Thick
I’m repainting the apartment with the same paint I used before: white. Antique white, to be exact. There were a few gallons of this paint stored in the basement for future use so I brought it upstairs and prepared my tools. I decided to “patch” the primed areas last night with the Antique White instead of painting the entire wall—quick and easy work. Joy turned to despair once the paint skinned over: it didn’t match the paint on the wall. What happened? Did the paint “season” over those two years in the basement and mature into a different value? Or did the painted walls discolor in the sunlight and under the fluorescent lights? Or both? Or something else?

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