The Nor’easter that Couldn’t

The Nor'easter of 2012

We Brooklynites–the gutsiest of all the borough dwellers–just survived Hurricane Sandy so the Nor’easter of 2012 was like a walk in the park for us… Chilling winds, piercing raindrops, and a thick snowfall couldn’t keep The City that Never Sleeps down (thank God…). Missionaries and do-gooders are interceding for the unfortunate, hipsters are in coffee shops on their iPads, and the hustle and bustle of a proud, working class resumes.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Weekly Photo Challenge Geometry

This Corinthian capital sits atop the towering columns in front of Brooklyn’s historic Hanson Place church. I was visiting Hanson Place last week for the “Prospering in a Down Economy” event, which was canceled because of Hurricane Sandy. It didn’t make sense to waste the trip, so I enjoyed the alternate programming they made available, then stepped out front to capture this shot.

Planning the Vestibule Renovation

The best way to conquer the hallway renovation project is to attack it in stages. There are several areas that must be addressed, including the vestibule, the hallway, the stairs, the floors, the lighting, and the color palette. Each of these can be considered a stage where I focus on that item alone, taking a modular approach where I finish one aspect before moving on to the next logical aspect.

I’ve decided to tackle the vestibule renovation first because it will give me immediate satisfaction and motivate me to tackle the rest of the renovation project. Frankly, the vestibule appears to be the easiest part of this project and it would be ideal if I finished it before winter arrives (working in the winter would make mudding, taping, and painting especially difficult).

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Prospering in a Down Economy

Prospering in a Down Economy

Brooklyn homeowners facing foreclosure (and other financial constraints) can attend a free seminar at Hanson Place Church today. Dr. Michael C. Grayson is expected to discuss collections, foreclosures, judgments, garnishments, and other topics of interest.

My curiosity has been piqued. New laws? New strategies? New directions? It appears that there is a breadth of new information that I can take advantage of that could make financing home renovations easier.

Hanson Place is a stone’s throw from the newly-erected Barclay’s Center and Fort Greene Park. It’s also in the vicinity of some of the most attractive brownstones in Brooklyn, with beautiful facades and ironwork.

Free Enterprise at Home Depot

Home Depot

Home Depot, often ridiculed for their consumer-first approach to merchandise, is a godsend for neophytes and DIYers who desire the hand-holding from the men (and women) in orange. It’s also a haven for day laborers, handymen looking for work, and man-with-a-van-types who want to transport your 2x4s and drywall for you. For a price.

What price? Whatever they charge.

There’s no union; no esteemed order of gofers; no decision-making body that regulates rates, hours, and codes of ethics. Each person decides what they will charge you for what they’re offering.

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The World’s Ugliest Color Palette

It finally dawned upon me that I have the world’s ugliest color palette in my hallway. The colors are a classic combination, yes, however they are hardly acceptable for a brownstone hallway. For a car? No. An outfit? Not even. For food? Yes, the color palette is perfect for food. My hallway is the classic color combination known throughout New York City and fast food chains everywhere across this big, green planet: mustard and ketchup.

Who, with any portion of their vision and any sense of, well, anything, would sit down with color swatches and determine mustard and ketchup to be aesthetically pleasing? Furthermore, why did I endure this? I’m a minimalist who prefers muted color palettes and fine lines. These colors aggravate my senses.

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