Life Outside the Toolbox

My life isn’t comprised solely of drywall and joint compound: it’s also writing and taking photographs. I’m a creative professional who enjoys his craft. Doing what I enjoy for a living makes me happy and providing those services to willing clients makes me even happier.

I ghost write articles and copy for individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, landing pages, websites, and blogs—transparently—matching the tone of your existing materials. My articles are brief, focused, and authentic so your readers’ time isn’t wasted. 100% original; no article spinning.

What you get: a text document up to 500 words long with the keywords (primary and longtail) that you request, written for your target audience.

I also photograph headshots and portraits in studio or on location with minimal fuss, keeping my gear light and photo sessions short. I work for the same clientele—individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

What you get: web-ready JPGs of the selected photo(s) in color or black and white up to 600 pixels high, suitable for blogs, websites, and social media galleries.

Feel free to contact me regarding any of my freelance services. My rates are attractive to the budget-minded individual who wants a professional product while dealing with the usual start-up budgetary constraints.


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