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Where the Homeless Live: Prospect Heights

Where the Homeless Live (Atlantic Avenue between Franklin and Classon)

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Brooklyn with this exclusive listing! This property presents the wide expanse of bustling Atlantic Avenue in up-and-coming Prospect Heights. Fully furnished in a neo-hobo style, complete with reclaimed utilitarian elements sourced from local dumpster-diving. Ample seating and open-air intricacies for modern entertaining.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Weekly Photo Challenge Geometry

This Corinthian capital sits atop the towering columns in front of Brooklyn’s historic Hanson Place church. I was visiting Hanson Place last week for the “Prospering in a Down Economy” event, which was canceled because of Hurricane Sandy. It didn’t make sense to waste the trip, so I enjoyed the alternate programming they made available, then stepped out front to capture this shot.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Hurricane Sandy is teasing New York City, threatening to pummel us with winds and rain and bring us to our knees. Much of the city is on common-sense-alert, opting to stay indoors and prepare for the worst. I took this opportunity to venture out in the rain and explore Brooklyn, hoping to find a foreign object.

The ubiquitous broken umbrella was nowhere to be found, neither the little girl’s doll. Instead, I found a curious object, foreign in the true sense of the word. My photo is of an empty New York City garbage can, turned upside down¹. Keep New York City Clean, a veritable oxymoron if not desperate plea, is printed in white letters on the green can. Strewn about is litter and leaves, no doubt because of Hurricane Sandy.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

¹The garbage cans were turned upside down by the Sanitation workers. This was done to prevent the garbage cans from blowing away.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Weekly Photo Challenge Silhouette

My contribution for this Weekly Photo Challenge was taken in Prospect Park, the beautiful 585-acre historic public park in Brooklyn that spans many neighborhoods and is responsible for many memories.

I captured two small children playing vigorously on a mound while the sun sets, silhouetting their active figures. Their parents came shortly after and took them home for a shower and dinner.