I’m a web-friendly blogger and photographer living happily in the hip and gritty Big Apple—New York City. My wife and I purchased a fixer-upper Brownstone in Brooklyn a few years ago and have been scratching our heads trying to figure out who to call and when to pay them to fix this or replace that, often getting burned in the process from less-than-honest and dubiously-skilled handymen. Or grifters.

Fed up with the shenanigans, I aroused the dormant alpha male within me and learned to wield a hammer, turn a screw, and plug in a work light. Now the DIY bug has bitten me and I’ve been infected with doityourselfishness.

I make all the repairs and renovations needed around the house now, yet I’m sensible enough to call for a knowledgeable friend or a qualified contractor when the renos are greater than my skill set.

It’s been a noble endeavor thus far. I’ve made many expensive mistakes that have translated into a trial-by-fire education that has made me savvier, more knowledgeable, and fully equipped to do what I never would have entertained just a few years ago. This blog, DoItYourSelfish.com, is for DIYers like you and I. It will be an expository chronicle, an exploratory journey, and an unravelling of the crazy maze of renovations in a fixer-upper.

I truly hope you benefit from this blog as much as I did in my experiences getting here.


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