The World’s Ugliest Color Palette

It finally dawned upon me that I have the world’s ugliest color palette in my hallway. The colors are a classic combination, yes, however they are hardly acceptable for a brownstone hallway. For a car? No. An outfit? Not even. For food? Yes, the color palette is perfect for food. My hallway is the classic color combination known throughout New York City and fast food chains everywhere across this big, green planet: mustard and ketchup.

Who, with any portion of their vision and any sense of, well, anything, would sit down with color swatches and determine mustard and ketchup to be aesthetically pleasing? Furthermore, why did I endure this? I’m a minimalist who prefers muted color palettes and fine lines. These colors aggravate my senses.

The World's Ugliest Color Palette

The World's Ugliest Color Palette

The World's Ugliest Color Palette

The color (color?) of the rug can’t be described with the King’s English, so I’ll leave the imiginative FAIL descriptions to you. Call it anything you prefer—I won’t mind.

This atrocity has sparked a renovation project—I’m going to do color research, create a pleasing palette, and repaint the hallway before winter arrives. There’s no way I can allow this hallway to remain this unsightly. My tenants will enthuse about the facelift and the property value will likely increase.


4 thoughts on “The World’s Ugliest Color Palette

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