Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Hurricane Sandy is teasing New York City, threatening to pummel us with winds and rain and bring us to our knees. Much of the city is on common-sense-alert, opting to stay indoors and prepare for the worst. I took this opportunity to venture out in the rain and explore Brooklyn, hoping to find a foreign object.

The ubiquitous broken umbrella was nowhere to be found, neither the little girl’s doll. Instead, I found a curious object, foreign in the true sense of the word. My photo is of an empty New York City garbage can, turned upside down¹. Keep New York City Clean, a veritable oxymoron if not desperate plea, is printed in white letters on the green can. Strewn about is litter and leaves, no doubt because of Hurricane Sandy.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

¹The garbage cans were turned upside down by the Sanitation workers. This was done to prevent the garbage cans from blowing away.


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

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    1. doityourselfish Post author

      Echante, merci beaucoup. (My children speak French and wrote that for me.)

      It’s nerve-racking here with the intense winds howling through the streets. The neighborhood, which is usually fast-paced, is empty. New York, the city that never sleeps, in taking a break. We’ve prepared as best as we could and have faith that we will be fine.

      Au revoir!

    1. doityourselfish Post author

      Thank you, Janae. Yes, it did work, surprisingly. They’ve since been turned back over and we’re trying to keep New York City clean. Good fortune in the photo challenge, keep at it. I just started and am enjoying it.

  2. Aian Ramos

    I saw the aftermath on tv. Pretty disheartening but I know that we always find the strength and will we needed to triumph over any challenges. Keep safe and God bless!

    1. doityourselfish Post author

      It was, indeed, devastating. Many areas re without utilities. One area lost 50 (fifty) homes to fire during the storm. AT least 15 confirmed deaths, some through drowning and being crushed by falling trees.

      My prayers are certainly with the affected. Blessings to you, as well.


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