I Won’t Expose the Brick in the Vestibule After All

I really wanted to add value (and street cred) to our brownstone by tearing out the plaster and exposing the brick in the vestibule. Admittedly, there was some degree of ego encouraging me to do the renovation. The upscale brownstones in Brooklyn Heights all have exposed brick. Why can’t I have something that looks great, too? Why keep it “Plain Jane”? Go for the gusto!

Alas, it won’t work as I want it to. There are two obstacles that I discovered that prevent exposed brick from being a reality: the first obstacle is the front door configuration and the second obstacle is the junction box with electric cabling below the plaster. Neither of these have an easy fix in this stage of reno.

I chose to patch the area instead using wood frames and ¾″ moisture-resistant drywall. This will allow me to match the opposite wall and put a tasteful baseboard moulding around the perimeter.

Patched Wall in Vestibule

Here’s a photo of what the area looked like prior to patching, for reference:

Exposed Brick in Vestibule


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