The Serendipitous Discovery of Exposed Brick

The one thing you never know when you start any repair or renovation on a fixer-upper is what will happen as the work progresses. Sure, you’ve done the “weekend warrior” routine before and emerged victorious. Still, there’s always a battle. Will it be a piece of cake or will you make a major disaster and have to eat humble pie?

I stumbled into such territory when I attempted to remove an old, weathered piece of original baseboard moulding from the vestibule. One side had the moulding—thick, weathered wood with many layers of paint accumulation—while the other side was plain sheetrock. Both sides had previously been covered with despicable 6×8 1970s ceramic tiles. They were an eyesore so I corrected the faux pas by removing them. The baseboard moulding was more of a challenge, though. It required a hammer, chisel, screwdriver, hacksaw, pliers, blood, sweat, and tears. There may have been a few thinly-veiled expletives on hand, just in case the need arrived…I don’t remember.

Exposed Brick in Vestibule

What remained, after The Battle of Vestibule, was a recessed area that revealed the coveted exposed brick, one of the most prized resources in New York real estate. Bingo, I hit pay dirt. The moulding was hiding the exposed brick from sight. The rest of the wall is layers of ancient plaster and sheetrock, all of which could be removed to expose my hidden treasure.

Three feet wide and ten feet high, the wall would present a significant amount of exposed brick to display the urban chic to anyone coming or going, and to the coincidental onlooker who passes by when the front door is opened…conspicuously.


7 thoughts on “The Serendipitous Discovery of Exposed Brick

  1. theroadtriphound

    Wow, the best of luck….! My hubby and I have been renovating for what seems like forever! I applaud your efforts! Yes, surprises are around every corner! We (or should I say my honey) has touched every part of this house in some form…from new floors to raising walls…you name it, he does it…. However, we are in Calgary, Alberta – not NYC. You live in a beautiful city, we did a road trip from Calgary to NYC a couple of years ago…loved it.
    Best of luck!

    1. doityourselfish Post author

      Calgary, Alberta…you’re just up north, I can walk there (joking)! NYC is pretty exciting. I always wanted to head up north to see what it’s like.

      Your husband sounds like a real DIY guy. I hope to have skills like that one day. It would be great to be able to handle floors.

      Well, let’s see what else comes up with the renos. I know there’s something waiting for me!

            1. doityourselfish Post author

              Thank you kindly. We were fortunate, only facing minor cosmetic concerns. Others didn’t fare as well, suffering flooding, power outages, and even death. My condolences are with their families and loved ones.

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